Virginia Center for the Creative Arts -VCCA

I spent the month of February and a few days into March, 2018 in residency at VCCA. I had an incredibly productive time and met many dedicated and hard working visual artists, writers, and composers.  It's a solid and welcoming place and I highly recommend—beautiful grounds, lots of space to roam, great studios, and all meals provided. 

I continued some of the direction that began for me in Finland. And then things got even more  active for me. Here's a sneak peek from one of the projects I made at VCCA. Title of this piece is Easel and it is a series of nine photographs. My framing with the easel, broom, and dustpan stay  the same, while the imagery I project, is different in each photograph.   

Easel no.3,   2018-19

Easel no.3, 2018-19